What is concrete shot blasting?

Jun. 24, 2020

Shot Blasting Process

concrete shot blasting on bridge

Shot blasting is a process that is typically done on concrete or steel surface areas. Our approach of shot blasting includes little clean-up; all of our devices have actually constructed in vacuum cleaners that accumulate the shot and also the dust.

When setting up a brand-new covering, shot blasting concrete is additionally recommended by many machines. By preparing the floor with shot blasting you will certainly make certain that your epoxy finishing bonds well to the concrete substratum and also stays undamaged.

Shot Blasting Application

Shot blasting is utilized to tidy floorings as well as prepare them for the following surface. If you have a floor that has paint or oil existing from commercial procedures, shot blasting is an affordable means of cleaning your floorings, providing life, as well as in many cases, sticking to sector standards.

We bring a range of machines in numerous dimensions for your shot blasting room. Huge ride-on devices are excellent for bridges or stockrooms, while smaller sized walk-behind blasting plants can match an office or dining establishment.

If shot blasting is the appropriate process to repair your trouble, discover much more regarding just how shot blasting is made use of or call us as well as we can analyze.

q6925 shot blasting machine

q6925 shot blasting machine

Concrete Shot Blasting Applications

Concrete Surface Preparation

Added resurfacing tasks that utilize fired blowing up are vehicle parking deck membrane layer elimination and also concrete resurfacing.

epoxy removal from concrete

Concrete surfaces that are built or require to be resurfaced to fulfill security laws us fired blowing up. Bridge shot blasting is frequently called for to rebuild bridges and also get rid of impurities.

Epoxy Removal

Epoxy removal needs shot blowing up to eliminate epoxy coatings. Usually hard epoxy as well as mastics utilize ruby grinding too to totally remove the old surface area.

Various Other Shot Blasting Applications

Ship Building

Industries that make steel items count on shot blowing up to eliminate unwanted burrs. Ship building sectors generally utilize rough blowing up to eliminate corrosion as well as problems from steel sheets.

Automobile Manufacturing

Comparable to steel firms, manufacturing facilities that build bikes and also autos make use of blowing up methods to tidy as well as improve the strength of their products.

MSL can supply all shot blasting rooms/plants solution!

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